Hurricane Irma Relief

We are so encouraged by your calls, texts and emails about ways to help our communities! Many of us are still displaced and trying to make our way home to Miami, etc... Miami is still without power to roughly 50% of its residents. Most of the relief to Miami will come in the way of utilities being restored and the removal of trees and of course the cleanup of properties and rebuilding of fences and other structures. 

Damage to The Keys is much worse. US Aircraft Carriers have been dispatched to Key West so relief can travel from south to the middle keys which are cut off due to road wash out at Mile Marker 74. The upper keys are inundated with emergency vehicles and first responders. 

We WILL have opportunities for teams to come down to the area in the next weeks/months. But please DO NOT attempt to come to South Florida now. Millions of residents cannot return due to overcrowded highways and minimal fuel, not to mention lodging. We will advise when we have opportunities of those kinds.

For now the best way to support our community is in the way of financial giving. We will be giving 100% of funds given to our Hurricane Irma Relief fund on our website Online Giving page to people in need. We will be providing families these resources in a number of ways. Please consider your generosity in this way as a lifeline to families in our area.


ALSO, due to rampant power outages in our city, we will NOT be gathering this Sunday. We hope to resume services the following week! 

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To give please visit our website, go to the Give Online tab and follow the instructions. Make sure to choose Hurricane Irma Relief tab and NOT the General tab. As always, all giving is tax deductible.

Much love to you all!


P.S. Please go to our social media channels @waterfallchurch and like, share, repost as much as you can. Also consider forwarding this to anyone you feel might be in a position to help.