WATERFALL Church is a Christian church that was started in Miami in the fall of 2016. After serving there for more than a year the church is in a transitional phase. Rob & Lisa Braniff, who planted Waterfall, have accepted a role in managing a small community in Long Key.  

Know that the community of faith that was Waterfall Church is still meeting and we pray for them and the greater community as well that they are trying to reach!


a Word from Rob & Lisa

It's been about four years since we visited Miami for the first time, lived in Miami for almost two years, and now find ourselves residing in the middle Keys. We started Waterfall Church with a small group of friends and are hopeful for them as they continue to minister to one another in the Miami area (not as Waterfall). We are seeking God and asking what He wants for our family in this next season. 

We don't fully know what this will look like, but we are hopeful and expectant that God will reveal the right paths. 

We are thankful for those that have encouraged us at any point along the way. We honor our sending church Seacoast, the many who have sown seeds into the calling whether it be financial, prayer and of course those who have invested their lives by moving here to share in the adventure. Your sacrifice has produced kingdom fruit and it is not lost on God, and certainly not on us! 

Stay tuned and stay in touch!!!

Rob & Lisa Braniff