WATERFALL Church is a Christian church in Southernmost Florida that meets on  Sundays at 11:00am in in homes in Miami. We are building community one person and one family at a time, and are exploring a new model of ministry that is exciting and more importantly built to reach people across our city and area in ways that have been elusive for church planters for many years in this great city!

We are made up of people on a journey to the creator. Like a waterfall, we will be life-giving...a community of faith that is heard, felt and seen. We want to be a faithful presence within our community, impacting lives for Christ. WATERFALL Church will always be a "church of the nations", a bridge between cultures...a mosaic of cultural expression, artistry and story that resonates into the community and around the world.

WATERFALL Church purposes "To See People Raised Up Into New Life In Jesus", discovering purpose, place and time. We believe there is amazing adventure God has set before us and we look forward to seeing that reality with many. We want to be a church where sacred space is intentional...that fosters freedom, healing and vitality for all!


a Word from Rob & Lisa

It's been about four years since we visited Miami for the first time, lived in Miami for almost two years, and now find ourselves residing in the middle Keys. We started Waterfall Church with a small group of friends and are now enjoying ministry in a unique way. We are exploring a new model of ministry that we feel God is interested in for this area. We are starting to call this the "Networked Home Church" model. 

We are actually partnering with other churches that have offered to help us explore and resource this type of ministry/mission. We don't fully know what this will look like in the next season, but we are praying about future growth/expansion into the Keys area and then potentially other areas. 

We want Waterfall Church to be “Home” for many that are not used to community in the way we feel God has called us to present it here. We want to be a family with those that come alongside the vision God has called us to be a part of in Southernmost Florida. We are honored that you are at a place and time in your life that you are reading this right now and feel it is no coincidence. We would love for you to explore with us and our prayer is that you discover community and greater purpose as you connect with others on your faith journey.

We know God is going to do amazing things in and through us at Waterfall Church for His people. The climate is ready and the time is now!

Rob & Lisa Braniff